About Us
Management Team

The members of the management team of Yorkton Co-op are:

Yorkton Grocery Manager: Reagan McLelland

Yorkton Bakery/Deli Manager: Dorothy Anaka

Yorkton Meat Manager: Ron Harvey

Yorkton Produce Manager: Pat Lukash

Yorkton Agro Manager: Greg Pacholka

Yorkton Agro Assistant Manager: Richard Burym

Yorkton Maintenance Manager: Derryl Tendler

West Broadway Gas Bar Manager: Samantha Hall

Palliser Way Gas Bar Manager: Amber Severson (Interim)

Theodore Branch Manager: Dale Hooge

Ebenezer Branch Manager: Glenda Jeffrey

Agronomist: Haley Stratichuk

Kamsack Food Store Manager: Janet Woodward

Kamsack Meat Manager: Vacant

Kamsack Gas Bar Manager: Jacquie McNeil

Office Manager: Krista Steffenson

Human Resources Advisor: Cally Greziuk

Confidential Secretary: Jackie Roberts

Controller:  Brent Schenher

Human Resources Manager: Sherilynn BeBeau

Agro Division Manager: Vacant

Food Division Manager: Del Ziola

Petroleum Division Manager: Darcy Napady

General Manager:  Bruce Thurston