Our Members Are Our Owners

Becoming a Yorkton Co-op member is a simple process. You invest five dollars and you sign your name. By joining your Co-op, you become not just a member – you become an owner. And ownership carries responsibilities.

Ownership means being loyal to your business. It means taking part in decision-making by attending information meetings and, perhaps, serving as a Delegate or Director.

And it also means supporting your own business by shopping at Co-op facilities.

So, don’t just be a member, be an owner!

Our Flyers Online

The Co-ops' weekly food flyer is posted weekly by Thursday for the sale that begins on Friday. Also watch for our seasonal agro flyers.

The flyers also continue to be distributed through the Yorkton News Review, and can also be picked up at our stores in Yorkton and Kamsack.

Our Agro Division features hardware, crop protection, petroleum and livestock supplies in 10 Rural Routes flyers each year. These also appear on our web site but copies are always available at our Agro Centres in Yorkton, Ebenezer, Theodore and Dubuc.

View the current Food Centre flyer  |  View the current Agro Centre flyer

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